Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Partnership Strategy and Stability Operations

DoD Capabilities

The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Stability Operations Capabilities is responsible for enhancing the DoD’s capability and capacity to conduct stability operations. These efforts are guided by DoD Directive 3000.05 “Military Support to Security, Stability, Transition and Reconstruction Operations” issued November 2005. According to the Directive,

Stability operations are a core U.S. military mission that the Department of Defense shall be prepared to conduct and support. They shall be given priority comparable to combat operations and be explicitly addressed and integrated across all DoD activities including doctrine, organizations, training, education, exercises, materiel, leadership, personnel, facilities, and planning.

The implementation of DoDD 3000.05 reflects a new era of defense transformation focused on changing organizational culture, knowledge-bases, processes, and skills that together will enhance the Department’s ability to conduct stability operations. This transformation does not require expensive new technology or weapons acquisition.

Summer 2006, Stability Operations Capabilities published the first DoDD 3000.05 Interim Progress Report to the Secretary of Defense. The report provides a six month assessment significant initiatives currently underway or planned throughout DoD. It provides policy recommendations for senior leadership to achieve further progress and identifies critical areas of emphasis for on-going implementation efforts.

Stability Operations Capabilities works closely with the Joint Staff J5 Global Strategic Partnerships / Stability Operations Division to oversee DoDD 3000.05 implementation. Together these offices conduct periodic working group meetings, whose membership includes representatives from 18 different DoD agencies, including representatives from OSD and Joint Staff offices, the Services, and the Combatant Commands. Members of this group are responsible for developing and carrying out individual action plans for the 83 tasks outlined in the Directive.

In addition to its responsibility for enhancing DoD’s own capabilities, Stability Operations Capabilities also works closely with relevant U.S. civilian Departments and Agencies, allies, and international and non-governmental partner organizations to encourage them to develop appropriate capabilities with which DoD can conduct coordinated international and interagency stability operations.


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Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Partnership Strategy and Stability Operations
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