Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Irregular Warfare & Counterterrorism

Develop policy guidance and oversee the of implementation of all DoD policies, strategies, and plans related to irregular warfare and counterterrorism. These responsibilities include:
  • Oversight of employment of special operations forces in counterterrorism, unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, and counterproliferation, and other activities as specified by the Secretary of Defense;
  • Counterterrorism plans, programs, actions, and requirements consistent with national strategies and DoD policy and objectives;
  • Sensitive special operations, including oversight of special access programs under U.S. Special Operations Command;
  • Capacity building of foreign partners to counter terrorist threats;
  • Personnel recovery and hostage issues; and
  • Military Information Support Operations (MISO) and Information Operations.


Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Irregular Warfare and Counterterrorism
Maren Brooks
Maren Brooks
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