Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy

Cyber capabilities provide unique national security and economic advantages that cannot be replaced through operations in other domains. As such, cyber capabilities have become integrated into our daily lives and have become vital to U.S. national security and support the architecture of the modern international system and enable a vibrant global economy. At the same time, the potential adversaries continue to seek means to counter the advantages obtained from space and cyber capabilities and to use these same capabilities for purposes hostile to U.S. interests.


Establishes and oversees the implementation of DoD cyberspace policy and strategy. Integrates national cyberspace policy and guidance with DoD cyberspace policy. Provides guidance and oversight on DoD cyberspace activities as they relate to foreign cyberspace threats, international cooperation, engagement with foreign partners and international organizations, and implementation of DoD cyberspace strategy and plans, including those related to cyberspace forces, capabilities, and their employment.


Work with stakeholders and partners to:

  • Office of Primary Responsibility within OSD for policy matters related to activities in cyber or involving cyber systems
  • Ensure cyber -related activities are integrated into national and DoD strategies
  • Develop, coordinate and oversee implementation of U.S. Government and DoD policy and strategy for military and intelligence cyber operations activities.
  • Formulates specific DoD policies and guidance on:
    • Cyber forces, systems and their employment
    • International agreements and legal regimes, including arms control matters
    • Integration of cyber capabilities into operations and contingency plans
    • International, U.S. Government, and DoD cyber operations cooperation
  • Review and evaluate cyber related programs, plans, and system requirements
  • Participate in planning and budgeting activities for space and cyber systems
  • Represent OSD at interagency deliberations and international negotiations
  • Interface with other U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, Congress, the public, and foreign governments on cyber policy matters