Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Global Security

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OASD(HD) maintains overall policy and programmatic oversight responsibilities for DCIP efforts. OASD(HD) tracks program performance to ensure the efficient and effective accomplishment of the DCIP goals. Individual DoD components are responsible for measuring their organizational accomplishments towards these goals and reporting the status to the OASD(HD).

As required in DoDD 3020.40, each DoD component will designate an office of primary responsibility to ensure the implementation of Defense Critical Infrastructure activities. Each DoD component must appropriately resource the designated office to achieve their DCIP requirements.

Defense Infrastructure Sector School

The DISC is the principal cross-sector body that aids coordination and integration of DoD activities as the DIB Sector Specific Agency; determines and identifies DIB critical assets supporting each Defense Sector; facilitates information sharing amongst Defense Sectors; and provides a prioritized list of functional requirements to the CIP Director.

The DISC is self-organized in response to a common need for cross-sector discussion and collaboration. It is co-chaired by DISA, with the other co-chair rotated among the Sector Leads. A representative from the Joint Staff represents the COCOMs and Services.

Resource Paths

There are two independent paths for acquiring DCIP resources. For each, applicable DoD Directives, Strategies, and other guidance documents are used to help guide the development of stakeholder needs. In addition, the Director of DCIP assists this process by providing yearly guidance that establishes priorities.

First Path

  • Stakeholder develops needs
  • Internal processes utilized
  • Resources acquired with OASD(HD) advocacy

Second Path

  • Stakeholder develops needs and presents to Director, DCIP
  • Needs reviewed and evaluated based on published criteria
  • If approved, needs are prioritized and funded accordingly
  • If unfunded, needs are tracked and used as justification for supplemental or end of year resources

Operations Advisory Board


  • Review COCOM & Service Component Program Plans (CPPs)
  • Provide recommendations on validation and prioritization of COCOM & Service requirements and allocations
  • Coordinate w/DISC to validate and prioritize COCOM and Service issues and requirements

DCIP Operations Advisory Board